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SELECT, FOREIGN KEY (Student.number) REFERENCES Course (id) FROM Students Student JOIN Courses Course ON Student.number = Course.number In the line below I am trying to add course(id) as a foreign key to the Students table which gives me an error: Error: relation "Student" already exists A: You can't do what you're doing. You need to add the column and add unique constraints before or in the same script. To create the FK relationship, you can use an alter table statement, like this: ALTER TABLE Students ADD FOREIGN KEY (course) REFERENCES Courses(id); Q: How to say "Make a difference"? This is a tough one. When you want to say "You make a difference", which of these two expressions is better? You make a difference between the world and me. You make a difference for the world and me. Any suggestions? When you say “make a difference”, you're saying “I want to do something.” Therefore, your two options are grammatically correct. However, they do have different meanings. “Make a difference for” suggests that the action you perform can somehow save the world. “Make a difference between” suggests that you are somehow saving yourself from an undesired outcome. You make a difference for the world, and not me. (You could also say, “for me and not the world.”) You make a difference for the world, and not between the world and me. I'm not a native speaker, but I think there's a slight preference for #2. I don't think #1 would be considered ungrammatical, but it might sound kind of odd. I would personally say #2 because it suggests that the world can, in some way, do without you. That is, in your case, they could care less about the difference that you make. It makes a difference to them because you're no longer part of their day. With “between the world and me,” they think that you would have been part of their day, even if that's not what you want. If you said “I




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Boowy The Best Story Zip

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